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Keynote: The Kids Are Alright! Millennials and their Information Behaviors
Stephen Abram

Stephen Abram is the co-author of the May 1, 2004 Library Journal cover story "Born with a Chip" that describes the nine key generational mutations that affect libraries with respect to our successfully delivering services to the Millennials. Stephen has been following this generation and the research into their unique behaviors and information seeking skills for many years. The kids are alright! They have many of the skills they need for their future. Libraries may not thrive if we don't adapt to the Google generation while still working to develop the services they'll also need well into the end of this century.

Birds of a Feather

Join in these sharing sessions; bring your burning questions and issues, and see if your peers have answers!

BOF Moderators:

Why Start a Digital Project
Pat Vince

Discussion of advantages of implementing a digital project, selecting a collection and audience, funding sources, marketing to stakeholders and public, system and skill level requirements.

Federated Searching: What is it, and How can it be Used in my Library?
Kristi Lobrano

This session will provide an overview of federated searching technology and describe how it is being used by database vendors, OPACs, search engines and other content providers. Audience participation welcome.

The Agony and The Ecstasy: Implementing and Thin-Client Network and a Pay-to-Print System in the LSU-S Library
Carla Clark

Carla will explain the concept of a thin-client network and describe its benefits and limitations. She will discuss the LSUS library's implementation of a thin-client network using CITRIX Metaframe software. She will also talk about the library's use of GoPrint pay-to-print software and the benefits the library has realized from these changes.

EBSCO EDI Interfacing with Unicorn
Scott Moseley and Jill Mason

A discussion of the levels of EDI interfacing between EBSCO and Unicorn systems including EDI invoicing and claiming.

Accidental System Administration
LaNita Cornwall

This session is targetted for non-full-time system administrators and librarians who find themselves suddenly saddled with administering a Unicorn system. What do you do? How to you balance the workload? Come and share your triumphs and tragedies.

Scan and Click: Inventory With a Handheld Scanner
Kristi Lobrano

One site's experiences on conducting an inventory with handheld scanners will be presented. Come hear and share tips, learn the steps/process, including the new inventory reports and gather other information on using a scanner to do an inventory in Workflows.

Shall We Consider RFID?
Virginia Allen

Radio frequency identification is a fast developing technology that is being adopted by many libraries. While major players such as the U.S. Department of Defense and Wal-Mart grapple with the logistics and data mining challenges, RFID seems to be at home in libraries. The benefits and caveats will be discussed and a list of resources will be provided.

Unique Management & Your Library: A patron-friendly system for getting back your long overdue materials
Rob Klaus & Johnathan Hayes

In this presentation, we will outline what your service is, and how it works. We will also detail how the "Debt Collection" reports avilable from Sirsi for the Unicorn system work and interface with our system.

Circulation Policies
Linda Meyer

Provides explanation of the circulation policies, their functions and relationships.

A Road Map to the OPAC: Visualization Technology for Subject Searching
J. David Bavousett

This session will preview an exciting new way to access subject browsing in the OPAC. The software is in pre-release development, is platform-independent, and designed to be highly intuitive. This new application will allow users to reclaim the serendipity of the card catalog in an organized way, showing relationships between subject headings in the catalog.

Is RFID Right for My Library?
John Fitzgerald

What exactly is RFID and how do I know if it will benefit my library and my customers? What are the benefits of this new technology and is the investment worth it? What about the privacy concern? Find out if the promise of this new technology is right for you and how it can impact the services you provide for your customers.