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Keynote: Agony or Ecstacy? Developing a Learning Commons from the Ground Up!
Mark McCallon, Assistant Director, ACU Library
George Saltsman, Director of Educational Technology, ACU
Mark Hamilton, Assistant Professor, College of Biblical Studies, ACU

In Spring 2006, Abilene Christian University will open it's "Learning Commons", centered around the collaborative learning environment that is so prevalent among users in libraries today. George Saltsman, Director of Educational Technology, Mark McCallon, Assistant Director of the Library, and Mark Hamilton, Assistant Professor of Bible will discuss the history of the Learning Commons and the development of the various partnerships that helped to design the new space.

Birds of a Feather

Join in these sharing sessions; bring your burning questions and issues, and see if your peers have answers!

BOF Moderators:

Sirsi Enterprise Portal
Jeff Schilling, Sirsi Corporation

Take a look at the 'next gen' public access. Find out what RSS really means to your library and your patrons. See what the future has in store. What's going on with other libraries like mine? Now is the time to start planning. Jeff Schilling from SirsiDynix will be giving an informal overview of Unicorn EPS (Electronic Portal System) and the SirsiDynix Normative Data Intiative.

Sirsi GL 3.0
Jeff Schilling, Sirsi Corporation

Get the 'skinny' on the new JAVA WorkFlows client. See the highlights of Unicorn GL3.0 and GL3.1. Join Jeff Schilling from SirsiDynix for an informal overview of the latest and soon-to-be enhancements to Unicorn.

"Where Did All These Records Come From?": Managing Vendor Provided Record Loads for Government Documents
Laura Baker, Government Documents Librarian, Abilene Christian University
J. David Bavousett, System Administrator, Abilene Library Consortium

Vendor assisted cataloging can be a time savings but only if the library can handle the extra database maintenance that results. See how a consortium of five libraries uses standard Sirsi reports, custom API reports, and modified work procedures to manage the record loads for their government documents. The session will include an overview of the vendor service, setting up the weekly and monthly loads, and the overall system and library procedures with an emphasis on the activity reports and how they are used for error checking.

Multiple Intelligences
Robert Gillette, Executive Director, Abilene Library Consortium

Multiple Intelligences represent the eight ways one learns best. A short inventory will be given then the attendee will score his/her levels in the various domains. Howard Gardner, PhD. introduced his Theory of Multiple Intelligences in a seminal book, Frames of Mind in 1983.A bibliography, references and web links will be given to those who attend for further investigation. Multiple intelligences while native to all of us can be developed.

Bibload report refresher
LadyJane Hickey, Head of Catalog Unit, Sam Houston State University

This presentation will cover all the steps for loading records into SIRSI using the bibload report template. It was designed to train new users and to give experienced staff an understanding of why certain steps need to be done and how to modify the template to handle different tasks.

EDI Invoicing and EDI Claiming With SIRSI UNICORN
Scott Moseley, Account Services Manager, EBSCO

This an introductory "Why and How" discussion of EDI interfacing with EBSCO Subscription Services and SIRSI UNICORN. All those Thinking about using an EDI Invoice Load or speeding up the claims process with EDI batch claiming Through UNICORN and EBSCO should plan to attend.

Inventory on a Shoetring
J. David Bavousett, System Administrator, Abilene Library Consortium

Inventory doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. There are several methods that can be used to assist in inventory management in the Library; David will discuss these, along with the pros and cons of each method.

Envisionware Products
Jesse Loucks, Library Manager/Network Services, Hurst Public Library

With over 2500 sites utilizing their Patron automation technologies, Envisionware has become a leader in library patron management systems. Two products will be discussed, PC Reservation and LPT:One. With PC Reservation library computers are assigned to patrons with minimal to no staff intervention. PC Reservation maximizes resource utilization while maintaining patron experience predictability. PC Reservation employs SIP2 connectivity technology to validate patrons against the SIRSI Patron database. Once validated, Patrons can be routed to computers based on their standing, fines, or even age. LPT:One is a patron print management utility that reduces printout wastage by as much as 40%. LPT:One intercepts patron print jobs, prices them, and has them ready for payment and pickup at a staff designated location. LPT:One Virtually eliminates print job theft, abandoned print jobs, and print job sticker shock.