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The dining recommendations that follow are provided by Del Mar College Library's resident gourmand and lover of all things cultural (as well as Reference Librarian for over 35 years), Mr. David Martin.

These restaurants are not in walking distance from the conference hotel. In fact one listed is outside of the Corpus Christi city limits. Directions from the Radisson are provided. Directions from the Del Mar College Library are also provided when they are close enough for the SysAdmin Preconference members to consider.

Restaurants are grouped as choices for Breakfast &/or Lunch, Lunch Only, Lunch &/or Dinner, and Dinner Only. Sometimes these represent the serving hours of the restaurant and other times based on David's recommendations of the menu offerings.

Links are provided to the restaurant's web page when available. Enjoy!

                                                      BREAKFAST AND LUNCH

                     The Glass Pavilion Omni Bayfront
                                 900 N. Shoreline Blvd.
                                 Directions from Radisson

For an upscale breakfast buffet, this is it. Pleasant atmosphere, good food and great service are waiting for you. Cereal, crepes, waffles, eggs, bacon, sau sage, etc. are part of the selections available. Mimosas, poinsettias, bloody Marys, screwdrivers abound. They’re open until 10 A.M. for breakfast and 5P.M. to 10 P.M. for your dining pleasure. Expensive: $10 - $25. Full bar.

                    Hester’s Café
                                1714 S. Alameda Street
                                Directions from the Radisson
                                Directions from the Del Mar College Library

Just opened! Nice trendy spot that sports omelettes, waffles, sandwiches, salads and a soup of the day. Avert your eyes at the pastry bar. It will be your last seduction. Closes at 3 P.M.  Moderate to expensive: $6 - $15.

                     Price’s Chef
                                 1800 S. Alameda Street
                                Directions from the Radisson
                                Directions from the Del Mar College Library

A Corpus Christi landmark since 1942, this diner boasts split pea soup on Mondays and cheese soup on Thursdays. Award winning chili is a staple. The New England Boil Monday lunch special is very good. Ask for the tarragon vinegar with that. Don’t overlook the special baked potato. Special grilled sandwiches are a standout. Breakfast is served all day until 3 P.M. closing time. Belgium waffles anyone? Moderate: $6 up.

                       Town and Country Café
                                    4228 S. Alameda Street
                                    Directions from the Radisson

Town and Country is on a par with Price’s Chef. Both serve breakfast all day. They have blue plate specials each day. Moderate: $6 - $12.

                                                         LUNCH ONLY

                        Citko’s Deli
                                    2766 Santa Fe Street
                                    Directions from the Radisson
                                    Directions from the Del Mar College Library

This is a nice quiet luncheon spot with good specials and great baked goods. Soups, salads, sandwiches, lasagna are the order of the day. Closes at 3 P.M.  Moderate: $6 - $9.

                         Jezabelle’s at the Art Center
                                     100 Shoreline Blvd.
                                     Directions from the Radisson

Start off with the tortilla soup in this favorite luncheon spot with a view of the marina. The famous chicken salad, Dan’s fruit platter and their unbelievable Noche Media sandwich satisfy those taste buds. End with one of their great desserts. Closes at 3 P.M. Moderate to expensive: $6 - $12.

                             Nuevo Café
                                         1124 Ayers Street
                                         Directions from the Radisson
                                         Directions from the Del Mar College Library

Here’s funky fun with mismatched tables and chairs and an ever rotating art exhibit of local talent. If you can stand the heat do not miss the poblamo soup. The chicken salad is very good. Beer and wine are available. Closes at 3 P.M.  Moderate: $6 up

                             Small Planet Deli
                                         3812 S. Alameda Street
                                         Directions from the Radisson
                                         Directions from the Del Mar College Library

If you like great salads, sandwiches, desserts and exotic bottled water, at a trendy, yuppy watering hole, this is the place. Closes at 3 P.M. Moderate to expensive: $6 - $15.

                                                  LUNCH AND DINNER

                           Bayou Grill
                                         3741 S. Alameda
                                         Directions from the Radisson
                                         Directions from the Del Mar College Library

Here’s a lunch crowd heaven. Excellent for evening dining too. Their shrimp salad is the tops. Also good are their grilled or broiled tilapia, amberjack or mahi-mahi. Beer and wine only. Moderate prices: $6 - $12.

                                           5514 Everhart Road
                                           Directions from the Radisson

To my mind, this is Corpus’ best Mexican restaurant. The combinations are what I love. If you go a la carte in any other restaurant, you’ll pay two to three times the price. Best taste/best price. Full bar. Moderate prices: $7 - $15.

                                         819 N. Upper Broadway
                                         Directions from the Radisson

Put on your denim and leather outfits and head on out to this biker bar with the great barbecue. They’ll serve cold beer with that delicious sandwich or full sampler platter. Wine and beer only. Moderate prices: $6 - $12.

                              La Playa
                                          7118 S. Padre Island Drive
                                          Directions from the Radisson
                                          5017 Saratoga Blvd.
                                          Directions from the Radisson

Unusual Mexican cuisine is the specialty here. If you don’t like cheese, this is not the place for you. They have three versions of chili con queso, each one as good as the other. Their deep fried stuffed  avocado or eggplant is not to be missed. You can find the best Mexican seafood dishes here as well. Full bars. Moderate to expensive: $10 - $25.

                           Luciano’s Italian Restaurant
                                            1821 S. Alameda Street
                                            Directions from the Radisson
                                            Directions from the Del Mar College Library

Some special items here are off menu such as the “chicken cacciatore frico” which takes 45 minutes cooking time. Call ahead. Veal picatta is also a standout. Their pork chops are thin, moist and unbelievably flavorful. Until the spinach scare, their “chicken Fiorentino” was my favorite dish. Finish off your meal with their lemon ice. C’est magnifique!  Moderately expensive: $17 - $35. Have some wine with that.

                            Water Street Oyster Bar      881-9448
                                             Water Street Seafood Company      882-8683
                                             309 N. Water Street
                                             Directions from the Radisson            

 This is one of the premiere eating places in town. The Oyster Bar is the noisier, more trendy place while the Seafood Co, is quieter and more relaxed. Same menus in both. For appetizers try their dynamite sticks or their pecan encrusted oysters. The salmon with dill sauce is a  must. Their walnut salad dressing is good on anything. Check out their key lime pie. Full bar. Moderate to expensive: $10 - $27.

                                                DINNER ONLY

                                              3815 S. Alameda Street
                                              Directions from the Radisson

Once called Lavender, this is the place if you want to put on the dog where you’ll get the better quality dog. This is for evening dining only. Don’t try the lunch venue two doors down. They haven’t hit their stride yet. But the upscale dining restaurant is one of the best. The menu changes nightly. Quiet elegance is demonstrated everywhere. Fine wines available. $35 - $50 and up.     

                                Crab ‘N Restaurant
                                                North Highway 35 (Business)  
                                                City by the Sea, TX
                                                Directions from the Radisson

 For the truly adventuresome eater, this is your destination. Start off with the crab and shrimp bisque, share an order of crab cakes. Smack your lips over the beef medallions with shrimp and crab sauce and end it all with their ever experimental key lime pie. Full bar. Expensive: $25 - $40.

                                             414 Starr Street
                                             Directions from the Radisson

 If you miss the low life with your cajun food, this is the spot. Everything’s served on butcher paper. You can peel ‘um, shuck ‘em or suck ‘em. I go there for their boudin sausage. Beer and wine only or BYOB. Moderate prices: $10 up.

                                George’s Seafood and Steaks
                                            10210 S. Padre Island Drive
                                            Directions from the Radisson

If you want Greek food, this place serves it up great every Friday and Saturday night. Get the meal for two and order a double salad and you’re set for a wonderful dining experience. Don’t forget those pastries at the end. Full bar. Moderate to expensive: $12 - $27.

                            Outback Steak House
                                             4221 S. Padre Island Drive
                                             Directions from the Radisson

This is my one concession to chain restaurants. Their new glazed pecan and  blue cheese chopped salad is a must. Their coconut shrimps are the best anywhere. Add potato soup and salad and you’ve got a great meal. Try the Victoria cut steak or the rack of lamb and you’ve got something to write home about. Do not miss their new key lime pie. If you try their Tuwamba pasta, try it with rice instead and you’re on you way to paradise. Full bar. Prices moderate to expensive: $9 - $27. 

                               Republic of Texas
                                               900 N. Shoreline Blvd.
                                               Directions from the Radisson

This is our showcase restaurant with the spectacular view. The food is as great as the service. Relax and enjoy a super night of dining pleasure. Steaks, game fowl and boar all appear on the menu and are cooked by master chefs. Full bar. Expensive: $35 up.

                                  Thai Spice
                                              Bayfront Inn        
                                              601 Shoreline Blvd.
                                              Directions from the Radisson

If you want something different, this is the place. Things cooked in coconut milk and desserts with mango served in coconut husks are the order of the day. But beware of the musty odor and the automatic 17% charge for service. Beer and wine only. Expensive: $25 up.

                                  Thailand Restaurant
                                              5505 Saratoga Blvd.
                                              Directions from the Radisson

Their red snapper, rack of lamb and nam are the standouts. Nam is peasant food done with crunchy rice should not be missed. The lamb chops cooked in massaman sauce are heaven on earth. Call to make certain they have the chops in stock. Try the green tea or coconut ice cream. Beer and wine only. Moderate to expensive: $15 - $27.

                                    Two Georges
                                                5884 Everhart Road
                                                Directions from the Radisson

Do large shrimp have any appeal to you at all? If so, try the colossal shrimp here sold at market price which means $25 for five shrimp, but it’s worth it. Trust me, if you get the avocado salad, you won’t need more. Their red snapper Pontchartrain is a luscious delight. The drink called Tortuga Tommy is bright green in a hurricane glass and is worth the price of admission. Full bar. Expensive: $17 - $30.