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SysAdmin Preconference Lunch Suggestions

These are a few suggestions for lunch for those of you attending the System Administrator Boot Camp at Del Mar College.

Restaurant Map from Google Maps

On the Google Map, the library is under the "st" in "Del Mar College EaST Campus"
Some of the restaurants are not correctly marked. See restaurant comments below.

Choices within Walking Distance

Local Favorites

Fast Food

Driving? Try These Picks from the Library Gourmand's List

                    Hester’s Café
                                1714 S. Alameda Street
                                Directions from the Del Mar College Library

Just opened! Nice trendy spot that sports omelettes, waffles, sandwiches, salads and a soup of the day. Avert your eyes at the pastry bar. It will be your last seduction. Closes at 3 P.M.  Moderate to expensive: $6 - $15.

                     Price’s Chef
                                 1800 S. Alameda Street
                                Directions from the Del Mar College Library

A Corpus Christi landmark since 1942, this diner boasts split pea soup on Mondays and cheese soup on Thursdays. Award winning chili is a staple. The New England Boil Monday lunch special is very good. Ask for the tarragon vinegar with that. Don’t overlook the special baked potato. Special grilled sandwiches are a standout. Breakfast is served all day until 3 P.M. closing time. Belgium waffles anyone? Moderate: $6 up.

                        Citko’s Deli
                                    2766 Santa Fe Street
                                    Directions from the Del Mar College Library

This is a nice quiet luncheon spot with good specials and great baked goods. Soups, salads, sandwiches, lasagna are the order of the day. Closes at 3 P.M.  Moderate: $6 - $9

                             Nuevo Café
                                         1124 Ayers Street
                                         Directions from the Del Mar College Library

Here’s funky fun with mismatched tables and chairs and an ever rotating art exhibit of local talent. If you can stand the heat do not miss the poblamo soup. The chicken salad is very good. Beer and wine are available. Closes at 3 P.M.  Moderate: $6 up

                             Small Planet Deli
                                         3812 S. Alameda Street
                                         Directions from the Del Mar College Library

If you like great salads, sandwiches, desserts and exotic bottled water, at a trendy, yuppy watering hole, this is the place. Closes at 3 P.M. Moderate to expensive: $6 - $15.

                           Bayou Grill
                                         3741 S. Alameda
                                         Directions from the Del Mar College Library

Here’s a lunch crowd heaven. Excellent for evening dining too. Their shrimp salad is the tops. Also good are their grilled or broiled tilapia, amberjack or mahi-mahi. Beer and wine only. Moderate prices: $6 - $12.

                           Luciano’s Italian Restaurant
                                            1821 S. Alameda Street
                                            Directions from the Del Mar College Library

Some special items here are off menu such as the “chicken cacciatore frico” which takes 45 minutes cooking time. Call ahead. Veal picatta is also a standout. Their pork chops are thin, moist and unbelievably flavorful. Until the spinach scare, their “chicken Fiorentino” was my favorite dish. Finish off your meal with their lemon ice. C’est magnifique!  Moderately expensive: $17 - $35. Have some wine with that.